Completing a Chapter…

You’ve found the close of the webpage. Thanks for checking in with me, Nancy Sebastian… You can find my current ministry page and updates at

As an author/speaker for over twenty years, I’ve shared hope from inside a difficult marriage. Many women (and men) have told me how my story inspired them to hang tough in their own challenging relationships and watch God go above and beyond expectations

My books are still available, and you can reach me for e-versions of those that are out of print by writing to The HeartHope CD is also available by mail or email. But God has closed the speaking/teaching chapter of my life…pertaining to marriage.

Because my first marriage was so public, the public deserves an understanding of why I am now divorced and remarried. A very simplistic explanation is that God led me through a difficult period in 2012 when I watched my husband give up on our marriage after I confronted him about abuse. He made it clear that 1) he did not believe in God, and 2) he was choosing to leave Lancaster to pursue a job relocation – without me. Based on 1 Corinthians 7 and the extensive counsel of my church elders’ Discipline and Restoration Committee, I signed divorce papers along with a Covenant of Reconciliation (promising to save my heart for my husband for two years, praying he would return to God and then to me). Two years later, after no change in my former husband, God gave me permission to date again with approval for remarriage (1 Corinthians 7). Larry Kuch and I were married on October 12, 2015 – and I am most blessed!

Visit the following links for introductory videos of me and Larry, and one on how we met.

God leads each of us along a unique journey full of ups and downs, twists and turns… If you feel you need more information than is given here regarding the details of my story or the biblical grounds for my divorce and remarriage, you may contact my elders at Calvary Church (Lancaster PA, 717-560-2341).

You can also follow what Larry and I are doing currently at

The audiences I have addressed in the past and those God gives me in the future are continually in my heart and prayers. May He continue to walk with you through your journey as He walks with me, and use us for His glory!

Until later…or Heaven,